Legal Knowledge in A Rhyme!

When it comes to law, there’s so much to know; from contractor insurance in Texas, to metal detecting laws on the go!

Ever heard of NDA agreements? They’re a must; to keep things hush-hush, they’re more than just a bust!

For those in wrestling, the rules are a must; keeping them straight, in the ring, you’ll trust!

When it comes to luxury, there are laws to abide; for those who love extravagance, they’re more than just a guide!

If you’re into space, and the law is your game; check out HKU’s certificate, it’ll put your career in flame!

For those up north, in BC, no rental agreement can cause a fuss; knowing your rights, is a legal must!

When it comes to safety, even on the sea; lifeboat capacity requirements will set you free!

For those in Oklahoma, who want to tint their ride; know the darkest legal window tint, so you can abide!

And for those who seek, work experience in law firms; it’s a stepping stone, to become legal affirm!

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