Understanding the Legalities of Work and Employment in the US

Yo, listen up, we’re talkin’ ’bout the law
Understandin’ legal rules and what you saw
Legally entitled, to work in Canada
It’s important to understand, no time for drama
Learn about work authorization, from here to Tacoma

Non compliance, meaning in law
What you need to know, before you draw
From legal definitions to implications
Don’t mess around, no complications

Are rubber nunchucks, legal in California?
Let’s find out, don’t wanna fail ya
Check out the legal guidelines, restrictions in the state
Be in the know, don’t leave it to fate

What about overtime, a legal requirement?
It’s a question, we all admire
Understanding employment laws, that’s the key
So you know your rights, and work carefree

Flamethrowers, legal in the US?
It’s a hot topic, don’t make a fuss
Legal regulations and restrictions, know the deal
Keep it legal, and you’ll be real

So, when it comes to work, and legal things
Take the time to learn, and spread your wings
From contracts to law enforcement calls
Know your stuff, and stand tall


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